Accomplish Your Divorce or Dissolution Goals with an Experienced Cincinnati Divorce Lawyer

There are two primary ways you may terminate a marriage: you can either reach an agreement regarding all major issues related to your situation – such as child custody matters and property division – or you can ask a court to make the decisions for you. Whether you choose to end your marriage through a negotiated agreement or a lawsuit, you can trust a Cincinnati divorce lawyer at Wagner & Bloch to guide you through the process, work with you to achieve your goals, and protect what is in your and your children’s best interest.

The Path of Dissolution: Exploring the Benefits of Termination by Agreement

A dissolution is a manner in which to terminate your marriage by agreement. You can accomplish a dissolution several different ways, such as through collaborative law, traditional negotiation, or mediation. The attorneys at Wagner & Bloch are trained and skilled in all forms of alternative dispute resolution in order to represent you in a dissolution proceeding. As more research is conducted in this area of law, many experts agree that dissolving your marriage by reaching an agreement is far better for you and everyone in your family. Choosing the path of dissolution often leads to more equitable and palatable outcomes; it can also be less stressful and more cost-effective than traditional litigation.

However, an agreement is not possible in all cases. The reason family law is so complex is because the legislature cannot account for every component that makes up your family and your unique situation. Every family is different; each has its own set of victories, as well as its own set of problems. Every family is unique, as it should be, and every family’s path to resolving family law issues should be tailor-made to suit your distinct family unit.

Understanding the Impact of the Divorce Process on Your Future

A divorce is a lawsuit filed in a party’s county of residence by one spouse against another. Sometimes divorce includes third parties, such as banks, life insurance companies or other financial institutions. In the event that the parties cannot agree on substantive aspects of the termination of their marriage, such as child custody, property division, or spousal support, a judge or magistrate will decide the disputed aspects of the case. The attorneys at Wagner & Bloch are highly skilled trial attorneys who will zealously represent your best interests when litigating your divorce.

In Kentucky, most cases are referred to as dissolutions, regardless of whether you reach an agreement or seek court intervention.

We Can Help Make Sense of the Puzzle That Is Your Divorce

At Wagner & Bloch, we truly care about our clients and focus on their needs first and foremost. Whether you are going through a divorce, dissolution, or related family law issue, we will treat your case with the personal attention required to provide you the best result possible. Our attorneys are able to understand the big picture and can help you make sense of the various options at your disposal.

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